Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm Sore

If you look at my very revealing picture to the probably aren't, that guy is sexy! Well that picture was taken around Christmas time in '07 and I tipped the scales at 245 lbs. With Some inspiration from NBC's The Biggest Loser show, watching American Gladiators, and secretly wishing I had the fierceness of Batista from WWE...I began working out and exercising regularly since January. I am now down to 213 lbs. as of Tuesday and my clothes are starting to fall off me. Maybe I'll change that picture to a much leaner version of me...maybe I'll keep it up for a while to motivate me even more...In the meantime, I am very sore from my new workout routines I've started upon joining a gym here in town instead of using the cheesy equipment our apartment complex has.

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