Friday, March 7, 2008

Random Thoughts for Friday

I will continue my series on Ecclesiastes next week for those of you who have enjoyed it. Thank you readers for commenting.

Everyone please continue praying for Dan and Beck as their newborn girl Lauren Nicole is facing serious health problems. Check out Dan's Blog for more information.

There's a Gas Thief in my neighborhood! Last week I had noticed something strange in that when I parked my car at night I had a little over 1\2 a tank of gas. The next morning I was down a 1\4 tank. I thought my gauge was messing with me and dismissed the problem. Yesterday...My wife had me fill up her car and I know she had more than a 1\4 tank in it earlier but it was down to nothing! When I popped open the gas flap...the cap was completely screwed off and hanging! Gas Thief! This was a problem for people in the early 70's when their was a shortage...Gas Syphoners became rampant. Well I purchased locking gas caps for both of our cars for 15 bucks a pop (cheaper than the gas they stole) and I encourage, no warn you to do the same!

I'm looking forward to getting soaking wet and raising money this weekend at our youth group's car-wash.

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